Monday, November 09, 2009


TechEd Berlin - Day 1 - Registration

TechEd is quite a well-oiled machine. Before you arrive you can print off a bus pass for the city (assuming you registered online) so you can get around with just a slip of paper. The hotel you are ataying in is primed with travel notices to hand out to attendees. When you get to the event, getting your registration pack and swag is a breeze although the queue for the former was a bit too long for my liking (Just-in-time travelling a speciality) as I had to be there ready to work.

Note - Before you leave your hotel to go to such an event, read the emails that you were sent. They may include such comments as "bring government-issued photo ID". Do not, instead, read the documentation whilst standing in line when realisation dawns that your passport is safely locked away in the hotel. Luckily, they accepted my Microsoft security pass and a credit card with my name on it.

The swag was a branded bag. For non-staff, they threw in a metal water bottle to reduce the environmental impact of TechEd - you would make use of the water cooler stations around the event instead of raiding the fridges and coffee stands. Maybe the organisers though that TechEd staff require a constant caffiene to keep working and water would just impact performance?

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