Sunday, November 08, 2009


TechEd Berlin - Day 0 - off to Hearthrow

Interesting conjunction of events for the coming week in Berlin.

1 TechEd Europe event (where I'm helping out)
2 20th anniversary of the Berlin Wall coming down (celebrated in Berlin)
3 Remembrance Day (not celebrated in Berlin)

The first should be no problem - smile, act techy and remember the Paracetamol for the hangover. The travel is going well so far even though the train into Reading was running 5 minutes late. On my tight schedule, that was a worry but not critical. As was there being initially no one at the RailAir ticket desk. So now I'm making use of the free wireless on the coach to write this blog post. Ah, luxury travel - don't get Internet access in taxis.

The Berlin Wall festival should be good - I'll need to find out tonight what's going on next week. I don't want to miss the celebrations just because I couldn't be bothered to do a little research. The event has had a reasonable amount of coverage in the UK (TV programmes, newspaper articles, etc) so will be interesting to see how it is covered at source.

On Wednesday it will be November 11th and Remembrance Day. Obviously an important day around the world for those countries on the Allied side. It will be interesting so see if anybody is wearing poppies.

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