Thursday, April 30, 2009


Thursday night is Beer night

First time I think I've gone to a Beerfest on a Thursday. Might do it more often as Friday/Saturday get pretty packed and Sunday can start to run out of beer.

This year I went with a "Flight" theme so all my drinks had to have some association, either through name or Brewery:

6:47Flight of FancyLoddon4.2%
6:56Summer AleGargoyles4.4%
7:09Red HeronNorth Curry4.3%
7:26Hornets NestLoddon4.3%
7:50Finchcocks OriginalWesterham3.5%
8:44Fly the FlagGreat Oakley4.1%
9:01Black DragonGwynt Y Ddraig7.2% Cider
9:23Dragon AleProspect4.4%
?:??"Angels"Opa Hay's 
10:38Bees KneesGreat Western4.2%

The "Angels" entry I should have taken better note of what I was actually given. I explained to the volunteer bar staff what I was after and they had a look around for me - and this time of night a lot of barrels were empty and wouldn't get replaced until Friday so the choice was not as wide as earlier. "Angels", I was informed, was the drink that would suit my needs, given their wings. What he failed to say initially was that the barrel actually said "Engels" but I took the beer anyway. Unfortunately I didn't make a note of the beer's name - I'll assume it was Engel's Best Bitter.


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