Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Dave Arneson - thanks for your legacy

Sadly Dave Arneson has lost his fight against cancer and passed away.

Famously there at the beginning of Dungeons and Dragons (and all the court battles that followed), I'll remember him most for his Blackmoor campaign world. I recall reading "Temple of the Frog" in (a photocopy of) the original Blackmoor source book written back in 1975 and loved it. I spent ages re-writing it for newer editions of D&D with nicer maps but never got round to running it. Similarly, I bought the DA series of modules produced by TSR in the late 80s ("Adventures in Blackmoor", "Temple of the Frog", "City of the Gods") - great reading material but, again, never played. Maybe there will be an opportunity to start it off at the wargames club some time...

Anyway, thanks, Dave.

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