Sunday, March 29, 2009


Gatwick Airport

It's been a little while since I've flown and you quickly forget that there is still tight security on people leaving the UK (although not necessarily coming in). So I had to wait for the sniffer machine to decide if the sample swab from my bag of electronic equipment would show anything. And once all clear, I found they had a separate scanner for shoes! What will they think of next?

Bit of a work-related hobby - spotting applications where developers are too stupid or laxy to trap exceptions.

I know I was off to Turin and not Rome but it's a fountain so I may as well chuck in some small denomination coin for luck (which is something you make, not wish for, anyway).

When I finally reached the gate, my boarding pass went "beep" when scanned which it doesn't normally do. I said "that sounds good" (meaning it didn't) and the lady on the desk said that it was indeed good although I was still non the wiser as she scribbled a new seat number over over the old one. It wasn't until I boarded the plane that I realised I had been bumped up to Business Class for some reason. I expect they had overbooked seats and I was the easiest person to upgrade. Marvellous - no cattle class for me!

What I find funny about business class is that they arm you with metal cutlery. Once terrorists realise they just need to spend a little bit more money to be issued with knives, we're all going to be in trouble.


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