Saturday, September 20, 2008


Fun stuff to see in the streets of Stockholm

In Berzelii Park there is a statue of Hans Alfredson, a famous Swedish director/actor/comedian/writer:

On the way to Jarntorget we found some toilets underneath some arches. The gents on the lift was a tiny room with a 2-man urinal facing the door as you stepped in; the bigger loo needed 5 SEK (£0.40):

Now this transport does not look like something owned by your average White-Van-Man:

Cyclists have their own cycle lanes and definitely enforce their right to use them - keep out of the way! This was one of the posher cycle lanes:

While we were in a shop looking for tourist tat, I saw a blur as two blokes ran past. After a while they staggered back down the road past us. No idea what they were up to.

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