Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Corn Exchange Comedy Store

As part of the entertainment for the conference party, a bunch of comedians were laid on. This year it was Jon Richardson (MC), Jeff Green, Andy Parsons and Michael McIntyre. Sorry for the crap photos but I had neglected to charge up the batteries in the proper camera and had to rely on the one in the phone. I expect you can work out how old the phone must be if this is the quality of the pictures.

Jon Richardson seemed familiar - or at least his voice did - but I can't place where I've seen him and I'm sure I've heard some of his act before.

Jeff Green I've enjoyed before at the Hexagon (a charity event) and on DVD. Probably best known for his "Feck it, I'm on holiday" sketch.

Everybody must know Andy Parsons from "Mock the Week". I love the way he struts round the stage when he's on a roll.

Reasonably new to me was Michael McIntyre who I'd only seen previously as a guest on "Mock the Week" where he doesn't really get much time to shine. Sue can't stand him but I'm willing to give him a go. Highlight was when he was booed for mentioning Google in one of his sketches. This was obviously part of the normal routine and it took him a little while to realise that Microsoft staff may not be too receptive to such details. Sometimes it takes events like this to let you know that, actually, most people don't give a monkey's which search engine is the best or even that there are alternatives. Good that he stood up for himself - must have already been paid.


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