Sunday, July 06, 2008


GuilFest 08 - Boss Hoss

"All the way from Berlin, Mississippi!" Well, not exactly, as the band started up 4 years ago in Berlin, Germany.
That nation seems to have a thing for C&W music - remember the German Eurovision entry in 2006, Texas Lightning (declared honorary Texans by the Texas Senate)?

If you're a fan of Hayseed Dixie then their style of music should be pretty familiar - perform regular hits in a country and western style ("we have both kinds, country and western"). The big difference is that the former look like a bunch of moon-shiners whilst the latter wouldn't look out of place at a rodeo.

Their set didn't shake my faith in Hayseed Dixie as the best purveyor of this style of music. Hoss Boss seemed too practiced and not spontaneous enough (maybe festivals aren't good for that, especially today when attendence was low) and I didn't particularly like the lead singer (reminded me of a rat-faced troublemaker from a western).

Track list:
# Stallion Batallion
# Rodeo Radio
# Hey Ya (Outkast)
# Hey Joe (Jimi Hendrix)
# Yee Haw
# {missed the title}

Boss Burns (Alec Völkel) does vocals and plays the washboard

Hoss Power (Sascha Vollmer) does vocals and plays acoustic guitar

Russ T. Rocket (Stefan Buehler) plays electric guitar

Ernesto Escobar de Tijuana (Tobias Fischer) does percussion

Frank Doe (Ansgar Freyberg) plays drums

Hank Williamson (Malcolm Arison) plays mandoline, washboard and harp

Guss Brooks (André Neumann) plays acoustic bass


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