Thursday, June 12, 2008


Pumps with a sense of humour

Nectar sent round a voucher pack recently that let me know that, if I bought 35 litres of fuel for the car this week, I would get a £5 M&S {whoop}. Luckily the tank was nearly empty so next time I went in to my local BP station, I filled up with diesel.
The LCD display whizzed away as the fuel poured into the tank until ... stopping at 34.98 litres. Ha, ha, very funny.
A few more efforts at getting millilitres past the sensor and I was dead in 35 litres. Marvellous.
At the till, the highly skilled member of staff knew nothing of the deal even though there was an inch-thick wad of leaflets about the offer on the counter in front of me. At first he tried to convince me that the leaflets were the vouchers. After checking with a supervisor, he was directed to the wad of vouchers on the till in front of him...
And what a voucher - expires end of June and can only be used if you spend £15 on food/drink/flowers/plants. Why did I bother?

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