Friday, March 14, 2008


Why Geeks should make good conversationalists but don't

Being a networking sort of techy person, I find it "funny" (in a "funny but you wouldn't understand" sort of way) how geeks don't always do conversations in the same way networks do.

Years ago I learnt all about TCP/IP and CSMA/CD where the CD means collision detection. If a computer tries to send data at the same time as another, there is a collision and the machines detect this. As a result they back off for a short time before trying again.

When you're down the pub you can see this in the "real" world. A topic of conversation ends and the group all try to raise a new subject. Normally every body stops for a random period before starting again. Sometimes you find someone that hasn't read the RFC and keeps talking.

At times like this the "listeners" (not necessarily their choice) should really switch to the Dark Side and start a DoS (denial of service). Maybe by putting our hands on our ears and going "lalalalalala". But we don't and so suffer in silence.


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