Saturday, July 14, 2007


GuilFest 07 - Squeeze

After the Theatre Tent, Samantha and I watched a token small band - it was a music festival. :-)
"Moon Unit" were apparently ‘retro-futurism with a contemporary touch’, whatever that is. The problem with small bands in general is that you don't know the songs and usually they are a small band because they don't have anything that makes them stand out. They do help you pass the time, though, until you can move onto something else ... like Magerita slush puppies. Yum.

Soon after it was time for the headlining band, Squeeze. Everybody knows at least a few of their songs so you can sing along but I don't really like their singing style or song contents (post Cool for Cats).

So, in summary, GuilFest for me was 6 comedians, 2 bands, two plays, and a lovely curry for lunch. And it didn't rain. was £40 for the ticket worth it? Overall, yes. £3.50 for beers? Definitely not.


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