Monday, July 30, 2007


Natural History Museum

The museum building is marvellous to look at in its own right. Everywhere there is some detail that catches your eye - the animals on the roof, the gargoyles, little motifs between the windows, the variety in the style of the pillars, and that's just the outside.

This picture is made up of 4 photos to try and catch the detail.

And looking at the next two - the pillars are different to either side, as are the plants behind each statue.

At lower levels, small motifs of sealife and insects decorate the windows.

Whilst inside monkeys climb what look like vertebrae in the arches...

...and the columns continue to be different - even the flowers above the pillars are varied.

Incredible piece of work - a pity that new glass and steel buildings leave all this novelty and creativity out.

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