Sunday, June 03, 2007


The shame...

One aspect of the Expo I wanted to join in with was the Tournament. Not because I expected to win anything but so I could guarantee a game of something I wanted to play. As this was the organisation's first Expo, I had no idea how much there would be on offer to opportunistically turn up for.
So Saturday afternoon was On The Underground from JKLM Games and Sunday was Ticket To Ride. Railway games are regularly popular (Railway Rivals and the 18XX series spring to mind from the past) and these appealed to us more than the other tournament games on offer (Puerto Rico, Settlers of Catan).
Each afternoon session was 3 hours long which was long enough for 3 rounds of each game. The organiser had some magical scoring system which I didn't pretend to understand. As we were a family group, the seats were arranged to that we didn't play each other much.
Surprisingly, despite the variation in scores in each round, the three of us ended up grouped together in the table:
Overall railway game winner - Richard Biddle (330.97 and 372.42 points respectively for a 700+ total).

Results - On the Underground (12 players, 3 tables of 4)

PosNameRound 1Round 2Round 3Total
8Sue Breakwell62.24100.0083.66245.90
9Samantha Breakwell118.6457.5265.42241.58
10John Breakwell73.4565.4290.12228.99


Results - Ticket to Ride (10 players, 2 tables of 5)

PosNameRound 1Round 2Round 3Total
7Sue Breakwell91.4868.1967.12226.79
8John Breakwell64.8562.5360.55187.93
9Samantha Breakwell 86.1517.8273.70177.67



Sue Breakwell245.90226.79472.69
Samantha Breakwell 241.58177.67419.25
John Breakwell228.99187.93416.92

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