Sunday, June 03, 2007



Some of the games make me realise that I am just not in the same spending league as their intended market. Manorhouse Workshop's Mindstalkers is an obvious example.

The demo game using the flat tiles was okay - the game mechanics were reasonably simple and it didn't take long to pick it up. On the face of it, not really much different from other tabletop game systems. I couldn't see how the one box would keep me occupied for very long and the need for variety would mean further expenditure on figures and scenery.

The boxed set went for £50 if I recall correctly:

which contains 8 figures, dice, counters and four "3D scenery elements" like:

I mentioned to the guy demonstrating the game that the figures looks very well painted and wondered how they could manage that quality in volume. He admitted that he'd painted the figures and that they shipped unpainted. Similarly the resin "scenery elements" which look fantastic above are plain black in the box (as you can just see on the far right in the top photo). So an additional reason why this is not a game for me is that the level of painting needed to make the pieces look acceptable is way beyond me. Defintely a product for the rich figure-painter.

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