Sunday, May 27, 2007


The Jam play "The Fez"

Back in March when the email flyer from The Fez came through about The Jam playing there I didn't feel too bothered. Luckily I forwarded the information to Sue who had a completely different opinion and within the hour I had booked tickets. And now nearly 3 months later I'm glad I did. The gig was great and I really enjoyed singing along to songs I'd grown up with.

The Jam were one of those bands I enjoyed musically but not culturally - they flew the Mod colours and I wore denim so it was never really going to work. Of course, by the time I was 18 they had decided to split so I went for the cop-out of the "best of" with an after-the-fact purchase of Snap! when I was at University.

As you can see, the lead singer is thankfully not Paul Weller. Russell Hastings does a faithful rendition of the necessary vocals and guitar

Bruce Foxton on bass is backed up by David Moore on guitar and keyboards. Couldn't get any decent shots of Rick Buckler with this tiny camera.

The set listing seems to reflect a preference for the old stuff rather than the songs they brought out in the year or two before the split and The Style Council (a.k.a "the crap stuff").

From 1977 and the "In The City" and "This Is The Modern World" albums:

From 1978 and "All Mod Cons"

From 1979 and "Setting Sons"

From 1980 and "Sound Affects"

From 1982 and "The Gift"


So no "Funeral Pyre", "Absolute Beginners", "Beat Surrender" or "The Bitterest Pill". No great loss as I never liked them. Their omission is surprising from a success point of view, though - the records were #4, #4, #1 and #2 respectively in the UK charts at the time (1981/82) so I would have expected The Jam to play them.

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