Friday, April 20, 2007


Would the owner of car registration MOJ 381X please ...

Bit of a mystery - what was the burnt-out car doing across the road from our house? Closer inspection showed that the trees above the car were untouched so the fire must have been set and extinguished somewhere else. The tyres (or more accurately wheel rims) show a collection of greenery and the path has some suspicious scratch marks leading away for the car.

Tracing the scratches to their beginning, I found a small area in the woods where the ground was burnt and scattered with broken glass.

Looks like the fire brigade had been called, put out the blaze and pulled the car as close to the road as possible. As you can see, the local council has placed handy pillars to prevent cars getting onto the grass which obviously work just as effectively in preventing cars getting off the grass too... as the flat-bed driver found out when he turned up late at night to collect the destroyed vehicle. After a couple of minutes walking around the car, scratching his head for a bit and giving the metal post a little experimental shake he was off, job unstarted.

Now how did the car get into the woods? The path leads from Kingfisher Drive all the way to the bridge over the A329 (and so to Earley railway station). It looks like the council hadn't planned for anyone to get in from the OTHER end of the path.

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