Saturday, April 28, 2007


The Poles are coming!

The Poles are definitely on the move and changes are popping up all around Reading. First we noticed a lot more cars with Polish plates (after at first struggling to remember whether PL meant Portugal or Poland), like these:

Then there are the dedicated food sections in Asda (we were there for cheap Easter eggs so please don't assume I go there often) where you can buy beetroot-flavoured noodles (yum). Luckily there is a sticker on the back put there by the importing company which explains what you are actually buying (in this case "instant red borsch"):

There was a "tomato soup" which seemed innocuous enough except the ingredients said "6% chicken". I expect that this is either a limitation of the translation services or vegetarian food isn't big in Poland.

And one step up from a food section is a whole dedicated shop! I didn't take time to work out what the shop sells but I guess it will be an "everything you are missing from back home" sort of thing.

Reading isn't a stranger to eastern Europeans as there has been a Ukrainian presence for many years. In the 1980s I used to play D&D at their social centre and it's still going strong. be interesting to see what permanant roots the Poles put down in the Thames valley.

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