Friday, March 16, 2007


Speedy passport return

Old passport posted on the 6th of March, new passport delivered to me on the 16th (as well as a return of the old). Not a bad turnaround at all, considering the days in the postal system and the weekend in the middle. It was a standard renewal and all you need to do is send them cash and new photos with your old passport. As long as the face in the photo hasn't changed too much, you don't need any extra paperwork or getting the photos signed by your doctor. Looking at the photos, my face is now quite a bit rounder than than the handsome 33 year old face staring out from my now-cancelled passport.

One thing I miss from the past is getting visa stamps when you through passport control. Travelling in Europe gets you nothing; even the US didn't bother with ink last year. Here's my total collection:

Entering Canada to stay for a few days before moving on to Hawaii:

Entering the US through the middle of the Pacific for my sister's wedding:

Entering Croatia to visit the local bank (poorly computer system):

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