Saturday, March 31, 2007


I've got a ticket to Ryde

I love playing Ticket To Ride. There are very few rules to learn, the board is well designed and the pieces are well made. At home we play the US and European maps frequently (and sometimes the UK map we printed off from some fan site).
In the photo below you can see railway lines snaking across the continent. At the start of the game you pick up some tickets which basically set the cities between which you need to build railways. These are built through the playing of cards you pick up through the game. In a 5-player game there is a lot of competition for routes so you need to target the lines that the others will want to build and get there first. For example, the Petrograd-to-Stockholm tunnel, the hardest to build and most rewarding link on the board. Which I was beaten to. Gah.

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