Monday, March 05, 2007


I hate misleading packaging

My favourite cereal (when I get up in time) is Frosties - or, more accurately, Waitrose Frosted Flakes as there is no point paying extra for something that tastes exactly the same. What has annoyed me with this product - well, with this company - is the diabolically misleading cover. See the picture on the right? Sorry for the size - the Waitrose website didn't have anything bigger. That is a bowl of frosted flakes with a spoon ... but the flakes look suspiciously large. This is because the spoon is a TEASPOON which makes the bowl in reality very tiny.
Below left is a photo of a proper-sized bowl containing a suggested serving - look how empty the bowl is. I would be most unhappy to be offered that for breakfast. But then I do tend to take the rim of the bowl as an indication of how far to fill it up to. (The Coke can is to provide a reference for scale.)
Waitrose Frosted Flakes
Bowls of Frosties
On the left, a suggested serving of 30g (175 calories); to this should be added 125 ml of semi-skimmed milk (60 calories); total - 235 calories (10% of your daily guideline)On the right, a human's serving of 75g (440 calories); to this should be added 275 ml of semi-skimmed milk (130 calories); total - 570 calories (23% of your daily guideline)

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