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I've just taken the "Are you a geek" test on MSN and thankfully I came out with:

Well balanced individual: So what if you answered hell yes to some of the questions!?
You are in touch with your inner geek and you aren’t ashamed to admit it - but there are limits…

Pretty random bunch of questions and I feel I need to justify my answers.

You can recite an entire scene from a Monty Python filmMy wife sadly remembers how she thought I was so clever and erudite with the stuff I used to come out with, little knowing at the time that all of it was either from Monty Python or HHGttG.
You've blasted a few monsters in your timeMillions of them have met pixel death
You know more than 20 Windows shortcuts off by heartAlt-Space... Alt-F4... Alt-Tab and its friend Shift-Alt-Tab... oh dear. I blame my MS-DOS inheritance.
Your friends list in instant messenger is longer than your address bookIt's a close-run thing.
You get slightly anxious if you haven't checked your email in an hourReading email is a distraction activity which I undertake at quarter-hour intervals.
You think lightsabers are coolLightsabres are cool - being filmed playing with one is not.
You set up a wireless network in your houseUsed to be the only wireless network in the area for a few years
Your mousemat cost more than £20I do indeed have a leather mouse mat made by Aquascutum, stamped with the Microsoft logo which can't have been cheap.
You often carry more than £300 of equipment in your pocketsYes, and no. There's a Smartphone (the original SPV running the 2002 operating system), a digital camera (Sony Cyber-shot) and a Cream Selector MP3 player. New, they may have totalled over £300 but I bought them all second hand from various people at Microsoft for about £20 each.
You are more comfortable using a keyboard than using a penI can no longer fill in a cheque without getting cramp in my hand from holding the pen.
You met one of your best friends onlineNo
You can rebuild your own PC / MacOf course!
You can spell your name in ElvishNot really a Tolkien geek
You often lie about how much time you spend playing computer gamesNo, I don't need to. When I say I was playing "Baldur's Gate" until 3am, people just need to look at my haggard, sleep-deprived face to know this must be true. I do lie on surveys to join software betas, though, to try and boost my chances.
Starbuck is a girl 
This is more an age question than one to measure your geekness - basically, which Battlestar Galactica did you grow up with? Of course, Starbuck is a bloke, as everyone knows:


You can explain why 1080p is better than 1080iNow if I had an HD-TV then, yes, I would care about my progressive versus my interlaced but I don't so I don't.
You can do more than 10 emoticons in messenger with just the keyboardHmmm.... :-)    :-(   ;-)   nope, that's me done.
You still have an action figure in its original packagingYes, I have a couple of 2000AD characters (Durham Red, Judge Death) bought cheap off eBay and both still unopened.
You read graphic novelsThere are other types of novels?
You can speak KlingonDefinitely not a Star Trek geek! Babylon 5 is the true religion.

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