Friday, January 05, 2007


Xbox 360 may have to be repaired

Despite Backward Compatibility, we tend to run Xbox games in the Xbox and Xbox 360 games in the Xbox 360. Until now we haven't really had an Xbox 360 game that we play for hours on end so haven't really noticed how often it crashed. It used to crash before but not often and not too annoyingly. Now, with Viva PiƱata it is becoming a nuisance - luckily the game has a regular auto-save as it crashes after an hour or so, and then once or twice an hour after that. Xbox support says that their records show a warranty for my machine up until January 11th so maybe it's time for it to go in for repair. I'm not too happy about that as I'm not sure I'll get a decent machine back - it could be someone else's refurbished machine which hasn't been as well looked after as mine. The crashing is not going to go away, though, so something needs to be done.


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