Friday, January 05, 2007



I've been tagged by Dr Doug and I need to think of 5 things you probably didn't know about me so ... this one time, at band camp...

  1. I'll start with my criminal record. I have been a really bad boy in my time. In 1984 I was fined for being a "Pedestrian on the Motorway". I had been hitch-hiking from Swansea to Portsmouth and was dropped off with just a mile or two from the end of the M275. Coincidentally, the end of the motorway is yards away from a police station so I was easily spotted by a car returning to base.
  2. I am one of a very select group of people that have attended a full University course and completely failed to get a degree as a result. It was my belief that the 82-85 group of students studying Chemistry at Swansea were in the fortunate position of being so small in number that the department couldn't afford to drop any one (i.e. me). In contrast, the department went through the 83-86 intake with a chainsaw (although, unfortunately in some cases not literally).
  3. I used to publish a fanzine in the mid/late 1980s and early 90s under the title "The Green Goblin", named partly after Games Workshop's glossy magazine "White Dwarf" and partly after the Spiderman villain. Content initially was game-oriented but spread eventually to any old rubbish. I gave it up as filling up a whole fanzine with new writing (and not just plagiarising stuff) was bloody hard.
  4. I play D&D and have done since 1977, apart from a barren stretch in most of the 90s when I settled down and started a family. These days I play twice a week (player and DM) during term time at Reading Uni. Actually, that reminds me - D&D (and Green Goblin) probably directly contributes to "2" above but that would give the false impression that getting a degree was my big ambition and other activities got in the way - quite the reverse, really.
  5. I love butterscotch (but my weird family don't). There is something in that mixture of sugar and butter that really does the trick for me. A bowl of Angel Delight butterscotch is NOT for sharing.

After having bared all, I hereby tag John, Mike, Zoe, Kristine, and Jess.

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