Monday, January 29, 2007


Posers with Laptops

One ability of the operating system on a laptop is that you can easily close the lid/screen and carry the machine around without worrying about your applications that you left running. The machine should neatly go into a sleep/hibernation mode from which you can usually wake it up by lifting the screen up again.
So I get mildly irritated when I see seemingly intelligent people walking around with the laptop open like a book as if they don't dare close it up.
In the lift this morning were two such people, chatting to each other across the small space. Their colleague, laptopless but with a rucksack on his shoulder, bade farewell on an earlier floor and walked past them through the narrow gap between their laptops, neatly snapping off an exposed USB memory stick on the way.
To have laughed would have been rude and insensitive. Inwardly I cackled all the way to my desk.

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