Sunday, December 24, 2006


So what should Santa bring me?

Christmas wish-lists are always difficult. During the other eleven months of the year, I usually buy what I need or want so it is often hard to think of what to ask others to put in my stocking come December. I'd rather people just bought me what they want to as the results can be surprising/entertaining/enlightening. There are those, though, who don't know what to buy me - my parents I can understand but others have no excuse. In the end it started to sound like the haggling scene from "Life of Brian" as they beg "please tell me what to buy". So I gave in a compiled a list (Amazon is very useful for this although the down-side is that you can see items disappear as they are purchased by gifters, removing part of the surprise). Normally I try to compose a mixed list of "video, audio, books, games, miscellaneous" which seems to do the trick but it does get a bit predictable.

The books category is always the latest Pratchett paperback, the latest Pratchett 'science' paperback, the latest Pratchett non-standard item (map, art book, etc) and so on. David Gemmell is out of favour at Christmas as I still have maybe half a dozen to read - it's been so long since I read one that I've started to forget the ones I HAVE read. A replacement I have seen is the series of history debunking books by Terry Jones and Alan Ereira - anything that reveals accepted knowledge as rubbish is always a winner.

The music list is hard to compile - I don't often buy any CDs and most of my listening is to Internet radio stations such as Virgin or KNAC. Luckily the latter brought DragonForce to my attention so they were added. Also, my Magnum collection has some large gaps so another easy choice.

Games for the Xbox or PC can be like falling off a log, especially as I bought a huge pile from a Christmas sale at work and EVERYBODY got Xbox games this year. I did pick "Gears of War" as everybody seems to love it although I know I'll be really poor at it. I'm adequate on the PC with mouse and keyboard but on a console with a controller I am worse than useless - even Sue can beat me at Halo on XBL. Same goes for Doom3 - I've already played a lot on the PC a while ago and need to start all over again on the Xbox (probably until it gets too scary).

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