Sunday, November 19, 2006


What is a supper club?

This question has been mildly intriguing me since I saw the Great Muppet caper recently where Miss Piggy asks Neville (John Clease) to recommend a good restaurant - which is he does but qualifies it by saying "but that's really more of a supper club." This is repeated when Neville later tells his wife Dorcas (Joan Sanderson) what he was doing - she says "but that's really more of a supper club." and he says that that was what he had told them. So was this some sort of running joke in the film? What on earth was a supper club?

And today I actually ate in the Coco Mos Supper Club in Newcastle and was none the wiser. According to WiseGeek, "A supper club is a restaurant and a club combined, usually rather high end and typically only open for service in the evening." Wasn't too high end - it let me in. Looking at a flyer I picked up on the way out, they offer "sophisticated entertainment" from 10pm until late so I missed it. Will I never experience the true ambience of a supper club?


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