Sunday, November 12, 2006


A greenhouse? At my age?

It's that time of year where our Avocado plant has to be brought into the house to prevent it turning into a stick when the frosts come. Since being planted from a nut way back in the late 90s, the avocado has struggled on against scorching sunburn, parching drought, messy infestations and munching vermin. In fact the infestations (which crap waxy gunk on all surfaces directly underneath, such as carpets) were the deciding factor in leaving it out in the garden. Of course, the plant would need some help so we've bought it a cold greenhouse to stay in.

I've learnt so much about cold greenhouses in the last few weeks in a desperate attempt to convince myself I wasn't sentencing the poor, innocent plant to a Siberian existence. For example, this is why there is a dustbin of water in the greenhouse - during the day the sunlight will warm the air within the greenhouse and therefore warm the water in the dustbin; during the night the heat of the water will slowly radiate away into the cooling air within the greenhouse to offset the cold a little. I'll keep the greenhouse zipped up all the time too to keep the scarce warmth inside.

Currently its a balmy 15°C and warm nights ahead so nothing to worry about just yet.

Compact Walk-In Greenhouse


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