Friday, November 10, 2006


Damned MCPs

Just finished exam 223 and failed (68.1% with a 70% pass mark). "Troubleshooting, Monitoring and Optimising" let me down which is kind of funny as that's my job role. What I hate is failing by one question (each is about 2%) when the last thing I did was dither over a 50-50 choice. I had two questions where the range of answers were basically the same but I wasn't sure which of the two remaining choices was right. Being the risk-averse sort of chap that I am, I chose a different answer for each question so that I was guaranteed one right. If I'd been a bit more confident and gone for the second choice twice, I would be celebrating instead of drowning my sorrows in champagne.

But that is just distracting from the real problem - lack of knowledge. Next time I'll actually finish reading the training manual and blow the exam away. Have to do this before Christmas so that I can keep up my at-least-one-a-year record going.

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