Sunday, October 15, 2006


Harry Hill On Tour

This was my first chance to see Harry Hill live and it was free (connections, you see). Not paying was good as I'm not sure I'd have wanted to spend the tenner that the punters had to pay. And, to make things worse, all the pumps in the bar had no gas so only bottled beers were on offer at pint prices. If I'd paid to get in AND had to pay through the nose for beer I'd have been really pissed off.

Anyway Harry Hill live, what is it? Sort of a mix between weird stand-up and a covers band more used to doing weddings. Some of the humour is very clever and spot on, the rest is just bizarre stuff that I don't understand (see League of Gentleman, Shooting Stars, et al).

Harry did make an inspired effort to inject some local flavour with a blending of Blur's "Parklife" and the Student Union's "Spark" newspaper where he read out frontpage news of the planned closing of the Physics department in the style of Phil Daniels. You think, "well, that's an obvious thing to do" but you know you wouldn't have thought of doing it in a million years.

Unlike the woman in the badger costume.


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