Wednesday, October 11, 2006


A funny thing happened to me on the way to work today...

Due to various logistical reasons, my bike was at work today and my wife couldn't drop me off as she had an early dentist appt. So I decided to walk - no problem, I thought, only 45 minutes and I have a big Microsoft golf brolley.

I hadn't taken my wife into account. Not wanting to take a raincoat and desperately requiring protection to and from the car, she decided her need for the umbrella was paramount. As I gently dozed, she drove off...

Never mind, I thought, or words to that effect as it was hardly raining when I left. I managed to get to within a mile of my office when I realised I had left my security pass on the breakfast table at home. At that precise moment the heavens opened, the lightning flashed and the thunder rolled. By the time I got to work and through security, only one item of clothing was not wet.

Being a bright spark, I had packed a dry pair of jeans in my rucksack - they didn't get completely soaked. And my (very underused) football kit on my desk includes spare trainers, socks and T-shirt    :-)

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