Sunday, August 20, 2006


Wiki Wiki Wiki

First step on the way to being a Wikipedia contributor - uploading a simple photo of the ruined Royal Garrison Church, Portsmouth that I took yesterday. Next step is to edit the Wikipedia entry for the Church so that the image appears there. Exciting!

I love the content on Wikipedia - the idea's OK (or brilliant, or a disaster, depending on your point of view) but it's great that there is so much content there and it's growing all the time.

Take the entry for the Royal Garrison Church (a.k.a. Domus Dei (Hospital of Saint Nicholas)) - here I learnt that in 1450, the whole town of Portsmouth was excommunicated for 58 years because some sailors murdered the unpopular Bishop of Chichester. Marvellous - you can excommunicate a whole town, kicking all the residents out of the church whether they were involved or not!

Here's the picture hosted on my website:

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