Friday, August 18, 2006


Portsmouth Beer Festival 2006

Another successful attendance at this year's Portsmouth Beer Festival - that's every one since 1983 and no sign of stopping  :-)

Only managed 9 halves - gone are the days of indecipherable beer notes in the programme and avoiding any drink under 4%. Nowadays I seem to be avoiding anything over 4.5% but then I am drinking with my dad.

7:06    Footslogger (4.4%)Arundel

(Arundel, West Sussex)

This was my first half of the night. The programme description said "golden, light and very refreshing beer, using Challenger hops to give a good bitter flavour and hoppy aroma." Definitely refreshing and the sort of pint you'd want after a hard day at work - would look out for it again. 
7:17    Black Cat (3.4%)Moorhouses

(Burnley, Lancashire)

"Dark, refreshing beer with a distinct chocolate malt flavour and a smooth hoppy finish." Not sure about the supposed chocolate flavour unless by that they somehow meant burnt as that was the overriding taste for me.
7:35    Barm Pot Bitter (3.8%)Goose Eye

(Keighley, West Yorkshire)

For some reason the programme had this one as "Barn Pot" - not that the real title "Barm Pot" is in any way more sensible. "A good session bitter with hop and citrus flavour balanced by a malty base with a somewhat dry finish." Could smell the lemon here so have to agree.
7:53    Special (4.5%)Young's

(Wandsworth, London)

I don't normally buy beers at festivals from breweries that I can buy from at the local supermarket but I do like the Young's brand and the ram's head label design. Looks very different, modern and stylish - deceptively pagan, even - so "half a Special, please".
8:14    Powder Monkey (4.4%)Nelson nee Flagship (Chatham, Kent)Too late to make the programme but not the festival. 
8:36    Golden Bine (3.8%)Ballard's

(Rogate, West Sussex)

"Golden in colour, with a light floral flavour and aroma."
8:53    Fruit Bat (4.5%)Banks & Taylor

(Shefford, Bedfordshire)

"Exciting, raspberry flavoured, hoppy cask-conditioned fruit beer." Does what it says on the tin - so much lovely fruity goodness that it must be healthy for you. 
9:17    Explorer (4.3%)Adnams

(Southwold, Suffolk)

"Blond beer suffused with aromas of a grapefruit grove, with New World hops delivering its fruity bitterness." Well, with hops named Chinook and Columbus, definitely not Old World but don't recall any grapefruityness.
9:42    Slater's Top Totty (4.0%)Eccleshall

(Eccleshall, Staffordshire)

From an Inn with its own brewery - sounds like a great place to visit. 

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