Wednesday, August 02, 2006


F1 photographers, eat your heart out.

Cycling in to work this morning, I was pleasantly surprised to see a steam engine coming the other way - quite a rarity to actually see one in motion. By luck I had my camera in my rucksack and this seemed a good photo opportunity. The engine must have been a good 100, maybe 150, yards away and coming up-hill so I had enough time. I cycled to the middle island of the pedestrian crossing to get a better view, only to then find I was in the way of someone else crossing on their bike. Quickly dragging my bike out of the way, I grabbed my rucksack and opened the pocket. Wrong pocket! Next pocket and the camera is out and warming up {Y2K-technology}. I turn round and frantically activate the zoom-out just as the engine crawls past leaving me with a not-so-romance-of-steam photo of it rolling past me. {Sigh}.

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