Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Cough, Splutter!

Tonight Wolves won at home to Ipswich through a first-half goal and held out for an hour on ten men after their striker was sent off. If you had told me the outcome this afternoon before the match, there's no way I would have believed you. I had thought that holding out for a point like at Plymouth on Saturday was the expected route for this season but that doesn't seem to be the case.

Ipswich weren't particularly strong last season (we took 4 points off them) and don't seem to have improved this time. Bothroyd (ex-Charlton) scored on his home debut which you can't really top (except with your first home hat trick, I suppose).

Carl Cort was sent off a third of the way through for accidentally hitting an Ipswich player. The ref's name (Trevor Kettle) sounded familiar so I checked on Soccerbase. It seems he has refereed five Wolves matches in his career:

August 8th, 2006Ipswich (H)Red card for Carl Cort
October 22nd, 2005Preston (H)Red card for Ganea (the "excessive celebrating" game)
August 6th, 2005Southampton (A)Red card for opposition
December 7th, 2004Millwall (H) 
October 30th, 2004 (League Cup)Gillingham (A)Red card for opposition

Four cards in five matches!

Before today, Carl had picked up ONE yellow card in his time at Wolves (72 other matches). Bizarre. If I was him, I'd be gutted.

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