Friday, July 28, 2006


National Gallery of ... Cows?

Hmmm, there appear to be a number of cows hanging from greco-roman columns - I must be in Edinburgh.

Sadly the Edinburgh Cow Parade 2006 ended on the 23rd and only a few elevated cows managed to escape the herdsman.

This particular beast was created by Roseburn Primary School who bought a cow in the Parade as part of their links with VetAid, who support farming in Africa. Her name is 'Kwameburn' after the links between Kwamebikrom and Roseburn. The cow was designed with tartan on one side and kente cloth on the other. The tartan (the hidden side in my photo) was pink and brown just like the school colours; purple and green for the Scottish thistle and finally blue and white for the flag of St Andrew. The brightly coloured kente (traditional Ghanaian cloth) side is the one you can see. The black blob, which I initially thought was damage, is an outline of Ghana.


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