Friday, June 23, 2006


Two-Pie Night

GARPS descended on Sweeney Todd's for yet another pie session to celebrate the end of a successful year of gaming. Or, more accurately the Iron Kingdoms players had a social night to which I also turned up. Pies and beer, as usual, were good and the immortal boss lady ever-present (must be the nutritional value of the pies). After dessert, we retired cross-town to The Retreat. Evil pie eaters lead the party along the canal to avoid being drawn into the many lively Kings Road pubs that we could see on the other side of the water. Instead we marched on to St Johns Road and the terraced pub that I never knew existed. Friday night so it was full but we did have the European street-cafe-style seating outside all to ourselves (why didn't I take a photo?!?). Great view of the terraced houses across the road, parked cars and the skyline-dominating Kennet Street construction site. Richard decided to scout out (repeatedly) to find the Eldon Arms where we moved to once our drinks had been finished (although one of the pints of ale, I feel, should have been left in the barrel to die the death nature had intended for it instead of trying to take a couple of us with it.) Richard's work at the Eldon Arms was spectacular and by the time we arrived he had cleared out a whole bar just for us. All in all, a good evening.

GARPS VP (me) and President-Elect (Simon Fern):

Simon (again), Tank Girl and Mawdrigen (aka Richard Crookes):


Sally, Pete (Medical Office-elect), Ed (President):


Matthew Kinsella (Secretary, Secretary-elect) refused to be photographed in case someone recognised him and wanted to know what happened to the "Shipment".

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