Sunday, June 18, 2006


"Shark" gives you fins

I'd forgotten how sunny it is at 5:30am in the summer, walking home from the Student Ball at Reading University.

Anyway, here's a review I've written on the Ciao website for the Shark Energy Drink.

Thanks to Shark, I've just managed to survive a student summer ball and have more than enough energy to walk home afterwards at 6 o'clock in the morning. The ball had a dedicated Shark'n'vodka bar where single or double vodkas were mixed with a can of Shark for £2 or £3 (bargain). The colour of the drink was a distinctive glow-in-the-dark style yellow which I felt gave it an unnatural look but luckily the flavour was fine - no artificial after-taste to match the colour. Packaging was stylish although I don't know if I relate to the Shark logo - I'm not sure what image the brand is trying to put across with this concept. Is it supposed to be appealing to clubbers that need the energy to keep hunting down sexual prey through the night? 

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