Wednesday, April 05, 2006



While down in Portsmouth to drop off Samantha with my parents for the week and celebrate Sue's birthday with a family meal out, we took advantage of the end-of-season sale at Snow and Rock. I didn't initially want to buy a board - they are expensive and I'd have to use it to make the purchase worthwhile but hopefully often enough to outweigh the accumulated rental charges from not having a board.

This is a 163cm K2 Access board, reduced to £200. There are five storm designs, one for each size of board - pretty cool designs.

Because of my weight, I need quite a long board - I assume to stop me sinking so easily into the snow  :-)

Anyway, I look forward to getting the bindings on it and setting off for the dusty slopes of Bracknell ski centre. Maybe I'll be able to build on the experiences of the Andorran snow break?

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