Tuesday, April 18, 2006


All your MySpace are belong to us

I finally have my own MySpace now. I didn't set out to set one up but blame Alec. First start point was innocent enough - Randy Cassingham wrote in his most recent THIS is TRUE:

"LOOKED FOR FRIENDS, found lots: My space on MySpace has expanded dramatically in the week since it's been there. Already more than 325 TRUE readers have found my page there and linked to it from theirs (by asking to add me as a "friend"). Better, the networking works: there are already new TRUE subscribers who say they found out about TRUE on MySpace. AND I enjoyed reconnecting with an old friend because she found my page there. It's astounding to watch MySpace expand. I knew it was popular, sure. But in the week since I joined they've gone from 68 million members to 71 million, a 4.4 percent increase. If TRUE's distribution had gone up by a similar percentage, I'd have 5,280 more readers this week over last. http://www.MySpace.com/official_thisistrue is my page there, if you'd like to check it out. If you're a MySpace member (and odds seem to be pretty good that you are), I'd be honored to have you add me as a friend. Just click the "Add to Friends" link below my photo."

so off I went. Now I join up to various sites all the time so never keep track of logon details. MySpace recognised my email address but none of my passwords so I requested my password. Once I received it, I was in although it seemed to have been set up by somebody from Seattle. I quickly realised that the guy was the complete dick-head causing me to get more spam addressed to Alec. Basically he's one of those bastards who doesn't use his own email address when registering for anything to avoid Spam engines getting his real address. Thanks, Alec, for using mine. As a show of gratitiude, your MySpace is now my MySpace and as MySpace says:

Find me on MySpace and be my friend!


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