Saturday, March 18, 2006


Rubbish on the pitch

Sadly today's Reading v Wolves League fixture is unlikely to be repeated for a while as Reading will be in the Premiership next season. Wolves in 2005/6 have been very disappointing - pretty par for the course, really. The expectation amongst many Wolves fans is that the club should be able to reach the top tier and stay there. The fan base is large enough - the ground capacity of 28,525 is comparable to Bolton, Birmingham, West Brom and Wigan while both Fulham and Portsmouth hold less than 20,000. The Hayward years, though, are becoming a nightmare. Sir Jack bought his toy way back in 1990 about a month before his 67 birthday and has ensured the club has failed to succeed so many times. First he did nothing which meant middle-table obscurity for three seasons. Then twelve seasons of fiddling - "spending" money, not spending money and sacking managers:

None of the seasons have seen a really solid push for promotion, unlike Reading this time round. Even when Wolves were promoted, we weren't champion material and once we were in the Premiership no money was spent to ensure we stayed there. So, the best photo I took during the match was this one - self-explanatory:

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