Saturday, March 25, 2006


Kev F Draws The Crowds

Just returned from "Kev F Draws The Crowds" at Bracknell's South Hill Park. I had decided to take the family along because I knew of Kev Sutherland from his time organising the Bristol Comics Fairs. I wanted to see what he was like outside the stressful organiser role and also off the Internet (as no-one is really like their on-line persona).

The overall feel was of a sharing platter at a restaurant where they put in something from all the other starters - each tasty in their own way but not always perfect partners and never enough! 

So you have Kev on stage telling us some stories, then armed with a flip chart and marker pen showing us how easy it is to draw cartoons, and not forgetting his metamorphosis into the Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre performing King Lear in five minutes.

His stand-up today was modified to take into account the fact that half the 40 people in the audience were Beano target audience age. That's fine - I don't see much of a need for swearing in comedy anyway - there aren't too many classic punch lines with "Feck" in them, for example. He was definitely good with the kids and it was amusing to hear the suggestions they come out with. Their focus is very much on self or school and it was interesting to see how they were thinking.

At the end, Kev delivers on the show's titles and drew a caricature of everybody that turned up. I think Samantha's is spot on - the slightly sleepy eyelids give her face a relaxed look and the lips are the right size. Kev has Sue's eyes done really well with a sort of focused stare. I'm not too sure about mine as I can't see anything that jumps out as "me" but then I don't get to see my face as much as Sue's and Samantha's.


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