Saturday, January 14, 2006

Had my first snowboarding open practice on the artificial slops tonight. 8:30-10pm was great - place was almost deserted bar 2 skiers so no problems causing hazards for others. Today had been wet so soon were the seat of my jeans as well - not a problem skiers usually encounter as putting on skis is a damned sight easier than connecting your bindings. Another problem from being on wet plastic was that I couldn't stand up on my heels (from sitting facing downhill). As soon as I put some pressure on the ground with my hands, the board would start sliding away from me. Standing up on my toes is no problem but you start off on all fours facing uphill so it is easier - also the belly doesn't get in the way (it's very difficult to get your centre of gravity over the board when parts of your body don't fold up as neatly as they used to). I solved it in the end by using walls and advertising hoardings at the top of the slope to hold me up before putting my life in the safe hands of gravity.

It is surprising how long it takes to set yourself up for a run down the slope. We must have averaged one very 10 minutes (catching the button-seat lift, binding your boots in, gracefully gliding down the hill, getting up again, gracefully glide some more, stand at the bottom realising you're not injured, walk to the lift again).
Here's Bracknell ski slope:

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