Wednesday, January 25, 2006


First bump on the road to recovery

Today was always going to be a calorific challenge - I was delivering a technical workshop to visiting customers so there was, of course, a "free lunch". I haven't yet developed the mental strength to turn these down, even if it is worth only £4. Large slice of smoked chicken and charred red pepper frittata, noodles in hoi sin sauce, and squash with walnuts & honey, with a bowl of cream of brocolli sauce. Not good - I even felt full afterwards!

Things got worse when I later went home to grab tea before going out for an evening of GARPS. I quickly grabbed random stuff to make a "sandwich". I use the term "sandwich" with some reservations - the bread was a small (400g) loaf embedded with sun-dried tomatoes that Waitrose sell. The filling? Half an onion, some branston pickle and a generous smear of margerine. Oh, and 150g of corned beef. So a 700g monster. Before I "saw the lite" (ho, ho) I would have happily demolished one of these. Now I wasn't so sure and cut the creation in half (one half now and one half tomorrow). Later I sat down and had a look at the nutritional value of the full loaf:

Calories - 1430kcal
Protein - 76g
Carbohydrates - 197g
Fat - 42g

So the whole lot would stand up well as a major meal - thank Grud I only ate half of it!

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