Sunday, July 31, 2005

At last we have put up a fence! The fashion these days seems to be to put up 6 feet fences to turn your back garden into a box, or walled prison. Why? What's the point? Sue says that she should prefer to have high fences as she doesn't like being looked on by the neighbours. For a start, our neighbours never use their garden except to go from house to car and they never sunbath (this may be because they are too old to do that (in their 50s?) or rather they are afro-caribbean and really don't see the point). Secondly, WE hardly use our garden either - whenever we have a god summer's day, it will be too hot to stay outside anyway. And BBQs are few and far between. So I managed to get some nice, cheap stick fencing. Easy to put up - cable-tied to the neighbour's rusty chain-link - and does the job.

Hardest job was digging up all the ivy that had grown from the back of the garden along the chain-link. It was incredible how insiduous that damn stuff was - like a grid of interlocking roots just under the surface. I'm sure there is tonnes I've missed that will pop up to annoy me next spring...

Worst part of the whole exercise were the blood-sucker flies that I noticed having a go at my leg. Small little bastards but, boy, did the blood flow!

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