Saturday, June 25, 2005

By luck Sue discovered that Damian from Pressgang was playing at the Reading Waterfest and that the band were reforming so we went along to catch a few words with him in one of his breaks. Reading Waterfest 2005 took place on the River Kennet in Reading between the Abbey Ruins and the Riverside Museum. Chance for the public to get involved with the narrow boat community and the like.

Pressgang won't be playing Reading until next year so we will have to travel 15 miles up the A4074 to Wallingford on September 2nd for the Bunkfest where they will be on the Kinecroft Stage (free entry marquee). According to the Pressgang website "this will be the first official Pressgang performance in the UK for 5 jugglers, whistlers, 'obby 'oss brandishers, etc all welcome. And of course get ready to fling yourself around to the old dance faves, plus some rocking numbers that haven't been played in the UK for many a year."

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