Wednesday, October 27, 2004

It's really sad that John Peel has passed away. I will certainly miss him. Not so much because I listen to his show but what he represented. Someone who was there to bring new music to people who wouldn't otherwise hear it. Someone who had the enviable position of doing something they really loved and getting paid for it. Someone who showed that it is not how old you are but how old you think.
One story I heard that I try and stick to - John was asked what old records from his collection he likes to bring out and listen to. He replied that he didn't really have the time as there was so much new music to hear. Wise words - why settle for something you've already enjoyed? You don't get that time back again so you might as well pick up something fresh.
Such a down-to-earth honest guy. These days 65 seems too young to die but they have been 65 years well spent.


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