Sunday, October 24, 2004

Had a pleasant chat with Ian Gibson and his equally pleasant promoter, Jane. He kindly gave me a sketch for my "villains" collection - Toadthrax The Black (from "The Chronicles of Genghis Grimtoad"):

No, I didn't know that character either but a villain is a villain.

I took a snapshot for the album and emailed Ian a copy later.

"Hi John,
Thanks for adding to an enjoyable day.
I forgot all about the pic and it was a day or so before I noticed the attachment!! Duh!!!? I blame it on all the new software I'm trying out - having rebuilt the computer and reloaded everything I am always dabbling with stuff I don't comprehend.
So it was a nice surprise to find the image of Jane and myself grinning at me from the screen!!
Not at our best at that time of the day - we both look shattered!
Hope you had a good day.

Getting that sort of reply just makes the world seem a nicer place.

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