Sunday, September 12, 2004

My first home match at the Golden Palace went well - I didn't drive. Taking the train to Wolverhampton is just so easy in comparison to driving up. This time the railway station was shut for repairs and I STILL got to the match with ages to spare. I took the tram from Birmingham to Wolves - such novelties really add to the day.

This was my first time in the Stan Cullis stand - not too great with the sun in your eyes so much but now I've managed to watch a match from all 5 stands.

The match itself was a mix of emotions - depression as we conceded, elation as we scored. Missing a penalty really cheered us up no end...

but in the end Cameron came off the bench to rescue a point for us.

Afterwards I stalked players for autographs (unseemly at my age but what the hell..). Got a nice photo of new signing Seol Ki-Hyun

and exchanged a few words with Jason Roberts (Wigan striker who never made the Wolves first team under McGhee). He was amazed to see the fresh-faced photo of himself on the front of the E&S:

Often when waiting outside the ground after the match there will be a small rush of people to get the autograph of somebody and you think "who the hell is that?" but you play along. Afterwards people asked me "who was that?" that they had just obtained the signature of, so I wasn't alone. In this case I did some detective work later and found I'd been talking to Bobby Thompson, a famous player from the 60s. It embarrasses me that I know so little club history...

The day ended with a few pints with my old friend from Paisley, JJ:


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