Thursday, May 06, 2004

Tomorrow are the all-important GARPS elections.

My year as Vice President has been pretty uneventful but NEXT year will be different ... and here's my manifesto:

Regular pub night (at least once a month)
Regular demo night (at least once a term)
Regular cinema night (at least once a term)
End-of-Exams Fun Week (every May or June)

Properly maintained website (sorry, Crystal).

Support attendance at conventions whether term-time or holiday-time (e.g. GenCon UK – mid-Oct, Dragonmeet - Dec 4th)

Large games convention to be held at Reading Uni by 2010.

Fresher's Week
Accurate data collection using a PC.
Profiles taken of interests/availabilities
Handout packs of leaflets (RPG/games conventions, etc.).
Posters throughout the year on the society notice board.
Aggressive sign-up for Yahoo group for mass-mailings

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