Thursday, May 06, 2004

My D&D evening at Reading Uni still trundles on week after week. I'm going through the 3rd edition learning curve - big, shiny books with colour graphics and sensible tables. Cool stuff like the standard modifiers for all stats - no more 18°° strength and the like. Much easier to use. Of course, I'll never agree that THACO had to go as that would just cheer up John Imossi no end.

As an aside, John paid me an excellent compliment the other day when I told him what happened to his character in the gaming session he had missed:

"You are a horrid horrid person and shouldn't be allowed to be in charge of a D&D game"

It makes all the work I put into running the game worthwhile.

Just re-discovered that 2nd ed only came out in 1989 so I must have been using 1st ed throughout my time in Portsmouth and at Uni. I stopping gaming in the early 90s as Samantha took up a lot of our time and only took up the baton again after Sue got a job at RUSU and became aware of GARPS - MUST get that website updated...

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